Community First Co-operative Credit Union does not only provide members with savings and loan products. Our Credit Union also provides additional products designed to assist with the sustainable development of our membership. Below is the list of theses additional services;

Group Medical Health Plan

  • Cover medical bills
  • 80% hospitalization
  • Laboratory services
  • Prescription drugs

There are six plans available to members:

  1. Single Coverage – $218.45
  2. Two Party Coverage – $412.80
  3. Family Coverage – $564.20
  4. Retiree Single – $305.85
  5. Retiree Two-Party – $581.15
  6. Retiree Family- $795.25

Group Health Schedule of Benefits (Service provider Sagicor)

Please contact the Operations Department at telephone # 481-3986/50 for more information.

Night Deposit Service

This service costs only E.C. $150 yearly, per deposit bag. By having your own night deposit bag, you are able to make deposits to your account even after the Credit Union has closed. You will be provided with a deposit bag and a key. Put your deposit into the bag and insert it into the deposit box located on the western side of the building, and lock it with your key.  The money will be deposited to your account the next business day.

Family Indemnity Plan

The Family Indemnity Plan offers financial comfort during difficult times, providing a cash benefit to be used to cover funeral costs for yourself and eligible family members.

The Family Indemnity Plan covers up to 6 immediate family members including:

The member

Member’s spouse

Children aged 1-25

Members parents/step-parents/in-laws before 76yrs

Significant others/fiancé(e)


Members need to provide documents that can establish the link between themselves and their dependents.  Birth certificates to show link between parents and children, marriage certificates for spouses/step-parents, IDs and proof of address (no older than 3 months) for everyone over 17 yrs.


Period       Premium                  Benefit
Plan A        $26.40 monthly           $  5,000
Plan B        $39.60 monthly           $  7,500
Plan C        $52.80  monthly          $ 10,000
Plan D       $79.20  monthly          $ 15,000

Plan E       $105.60 monthly          $ 20,000

Plan F       $132.00 monthly          $ 25,000

Plan G      $158.40 monthly          $ 30,000


No medical examinations or questions
Lifetime insurance coverage
Payments for claims are made within 3 business days.


Please note that there is a 6 month waiting period before full coverage begins.


For more information please call 481-3986.

Chequing Accounts

  • Chequing account applications can be completed at either our Townhouse Branch or Old Parham Road Headquarters.
  • Documents needed to apply for a  chequing account are: Passport and another Valid Photo ID, Job Letter/Business License, current proof of address (Bank Statement or Utility Bill) and two Bank/Credit Union reference letters.
  • The minimum checking account balance is E.C $100.00
  • Special conditions apply

ATM Services

  • ATM cards are available to all members free of cost.
  • In order to receive an ATM card, fill out the ATM application form.
  • These forms can be collected from our customer service representatives.
  • ATM cards are ready within 48hrs of the application process.
  • ATM cards provides 24hr access to your account
  • Withdrawals with the ATM card however are restricted to your deposit account.

Seven ATM locations: CFCCU Headquarters -Old Parham Road (Two ATM’s), CFCCU Branch Office- Townhouse Plaza, Vendors Mall,  Epicurean-Friar’s Hill Road, Epicurean- Jolly Harbour, The Covent Garden- Dockyard Drive (English Harbour) and Perry Bay Supermarket -Perry Bay.

Global Internet Access (GIA)

  • Provides 24hr access to your credit union account
  • Allow members to perform balance inquires on their accounts
  • Obtain statement for one or all accounts
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Conduct member to member transfers
  • Request statements
  • Complete Loan Projections

To apply for GIA, you can print the form online or collect it at our Old Parham Road or Townhouse Office. Once the form is completed, you are provided with a password and instructions within one business day. You use this information to log into your GIA. For more information please call  481-3950/481-4000.

CREDGO (Mobile App)

  • Provides 24hr access to your credit union account using your phone
  • Perform balance inquiries on your account.
  • Make Online Bill payments.
  • Transfer funds within your account.
  • Transfer funds to other credit union members accounts.
  • Request statements and more.

CREDGO can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play for Free.

If you experience any difficulties installing CREDGO please visit our offices at Old Parham Road or Townhouse for assistance.