Honesty and Integrity featuring:

  • Openness in our dealings
  • Fair Treatment to all

Creativity, fostered by encouragement and recognition of:

  • Initiative
  • Innovation

Commitment to Excellence, with an ongoing, focus on:

  • Service beyond Expectations
  • Professionalism
  • Tact

Continuous Improvement, as exemplified in our:

  • Tailored Products and services to meet changing members needs
  • Sensitive Coaching and Counselling of our staff and members
  • Progressive Standards
  • Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence
  • Education and Training

Accountability, including:

  • Taking Responsibility
  • Adherence to Procedure

Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude, demonstrating:

  • A Flexible, “Can Do” Approach
  • That “The member really Matters”
  • Energy and Enthusiasm at all times

Community and Fellowship, with mutual giving of:

  • Support and Cooperation
  • Respect and Understanding